10 Reasons to Choose Quality Early Learning and Child Care

Expert knowledge Early childhood educators are experts in child development and are trained to create inspiring learning environments!
Intentionality Early childhood educators provide your child the gift of time and attention. They will stop and explore the new flowers or jump in the mud puddles with your child.
Young at heart Early childhood educators know how to have fun! They’re not afraid to be silly and laugh with your child; all while nurturing your child’s creativity and helping to build their self-confidence.
Setting limits Every child needs reasonable boundaries, such as no playing ball inside. Early childhood educators set limits and support families in doing the same.
Love of literacy Early childhood educators read and tell stories, sing songs, and do puppet shows to inspire a love of language and to build early literacy skills.
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Confidence boost Early childhood educators provide safe opportunities for your child to be independent and to become confident in their personality and decision making skills.
Inspired learning Early childhood educators ask open-ended questions to inspire creative thought and curiosity, to encourage children to explore, and to make learning fun.
Life skills Early childhood educators use their expertise to develop programs that use play as a tool for teaching math, literacy, science and essential life skills that last for life!
Making friends Early childhood educators are educated to appropriately support children to gain social skills, which are so important in making friends and developing positive relationships!
Helping hand Everyone gets stumped by parenting from time to time - juggling schedules, demands, and behaviours. When it gets tough and you need someone to talk to, reach out to your child’s early childhood educator!
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Events : Details

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Be the Boss of Your Stress and Burnout with Jeff Johnson

Note: As of July 12th, all 90 Finding Your Smile Again books have been claimed. However, spaces which do not include the book are still available at the discounted member rate!

Join us before this workshop for complimentary breakfast and the ECDA's Annual General Meeting at 8:00 am.

In recognition of the commitment shown by PEI ECEs throughout the changes and advancements over the past decade, this workshop will be presented at a significantly reduced rate to 2016-2017 ECDA members who register for and attend the 2017 ECDA Fall Conference! See fee details below.


Be the Boss of Your Stress and Burnout
with Jeff Johnson
September 9, 2017
10:00 am - 4:30 pm (following the AGM)
Approved for up to 8 hours of on-going training by the ELCCB.

Signs of burnout have been present across the sector due to increasing expectations. We encourage you to attend this workshop to fully explore burnout and be ready for the Fall Conference, which will be an opportunity to re-energize yourself and your practice! Please see below for full registration details.


Workshop Description
Let’s be honest, working with children can be very rewarding, but it can also leave you emotionally exhausted and physically drained at the end of the day. There are times where your smile is forced, your patience is gone, and your last nerve is being tested by an energetic toddler​, and you feel like life is spinning out of control. ​

This interactive daylong session with Jeff A Johnson will offer you a better understanding of why caregivers feel stress and burnout, and you'll walk away with concrete ideas to help you take control. The day will consist of some traditional presenting from Jeff, plenty of conversation, some small group work, and time for reflection.

BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE!!! This isn’t just a one day event.

  • *SOLD OUT* The first 90 registrants will receive a copy of Jeff's book, Finding Your Smile Again, (CAD $25 value - courtesy of the PEI Department of Education, Early Learning & Culture) which he wrote as a tool for caregivers after he burnt out over a decade ago and was unable to find ​resources to help him get back on track professionally. Participants are encouraged to dig in to the book and jot down questions or insights you have for Jeff before the workshop.
  • Registrants can join a closed online discussion group before the event, to connect anonymously and start the conversation on stress and burnout. These online discussions, hosted & moderated by Jeff, serve as the foundation for the September 9th event. What'll we talk about online? Well, that depends on the interests of the group, but we can dig into things like how work stress impacts family life, escape activities we turn to when we are feeling stressed, why and how we try to hide our stress from others, our personal support systems, and more. These discussions will not only help you better understand your stress and burnout, they will also help you take control of your life.​
  • After the event, everyone can reconnect online where Jeff will continue to offer support and resources as participants begin to take control of their stress and burnout.​

Why all this before & after business? Well, change is hard, but it gets a little bit easier when you have a support system. All too often caregivers attend a training, leave with good ideas, and never implement them because change is hard. Jeff's goal is to create a support system that makes it a bit easier.


About Jeff A. Johnson
Jeff and his wife Tasha opened Explorations Early Learning, a family child care program focused on supporting emergent learning in a play-based and child-centered environment, in 2003. In 2013, they retired to pursue their hobbies: speaking at early learning events, making toys, recording podcasts, and advocating for child-led play and caregiver selfcare. These hobbies have become full-time jobs. Jeff presents regularly at early learning conferences across the United States, Canada, Australia and Ireland. Jeff has a very active social media following on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and YouTube; he blogs at www.playvolutionhq.com; and is the author of ten books.


Registration Details
Submit your registration form by clicking the red "REGISTER FOR THIS EVENT NOW" button above, and be sure to select the appropriate registration fee amount (details & requirements for these fees are outlined in Payment Details below). 

This PD opportunity consists of two components, one is Sept. 9 and the other will be held in a virtual meeting place.  More information will be provided to you upon registration.

Once registered and paid for this workshop, if you are one of the first 90 registrants, you will receive your copy of Finding Your Smile Again (pick up or delivery available) courtesy of the PEI Department of Education, Early Learning & Culture. You will receive an email with simple instructions to create your account for the online discussion, which will begin August 9th. Please note that virtual attendance and record of participation in the online discussions will be referenced before these hours are awarded.

Complimentary breakfast will be served for those who attend the AGM at 8:00am; lunch is not provided.



Fee & Payment Details
The fee for the Be the Boss of Your Stress and Burnout workshop with Jeff Johnson on September 9th is $10 +HST  for 2016-2017 ECDA members who commit to registering for and attending the 2017 ECDA Fall Conference! If you select this fee option, you must be a current member of the ECDA, and be registered and payed in full for the 2017 ECDA Fall Conference BEFORE September 4th.

If you select this fee option and fail to register and make payment in full for the conference before this date, you will be billed the remaining amount for the Be the Boss of Your Stress and Burnout Workshop registration fee ($100 +HST). If you attend the workshop and afterwards require a refund for the conference, your refund will first be subject to a reduction to cover the remaining workshop fee amount ($100 +HST).

Registration fee for non-members of the ECDA, or members who will not be attending the 2017 ECDA Fall Conference is $110 +HST.

Registration for the Be the Boss of Your Stress and Burnout workshop closes August 28th. Payment in full is due by September 4th.


ONLINE DISCUSSION: Be the Boss of Your Stress and Burnout

Online link will be provided to registrants. | August 09, 2017 | 5:00 PM

WORKSHOP: Be the Boss of Your Stress and Burnout

Rodd Charlottetown Hotel | September 09, 2017 | 10:00 AM


Media Disclaimer:

The Early Childhood Development Association (ECDA) reserves the right to use any photograph/video taken at any event sponsored by the ECDA, without the expressed written permission of those included within the photograph/video. The ECDA may use the photograph/video in publications or other media material produced, used or contracted by the ECDA. Any person desiring not to have their photo taken or distributed must contact the ECDA in writing requesting that his/her image not be distributed.

Refund Policy:

Please be aware that to receive a full refund of your registration fees, notice must be provided to the ECDA, via email, 2 weeks prior to the start date of the event. Beyond that, to receive a 50% refund of fees for a cancelled registration, appropriate documentation ie, doctor's certificate or such must be provided.