10 Reasons to Choose Quality Early Learning and Child Care

Expert knowledge Early childhood educators are experts in child development and are trained to create inspiring learning environments!
Intentionality Early childhood educators provide your child the gift of time and attention. They will stop and explore the new flowers or jump in the mud puddles with your child.
Young at heart Early childhood educators know how to have fun! They’re not afraid to be silly and laugh with your child; all while nurturing your child’s creativity and helping to build their self-confidence.
Setting limits Every child needs reasonable boundaries, such as no playing ball inside. Early childhood educators set limits and support families in doing the same.
Love of literacy Early childhood educators read and tell stories, sing songs, and do puppet shows to inspire a love of language and to build early literacy skills.
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Confidence boost Early childhood educators provide safe opportunities for your child to be independent and to become confident in their personality and decision making skills.
Inspired learning Early childhood educators ask open-ended questions to inspire creative thought and curiosity, to encourage children to explore, and to make learning fun.
Life skills Early childhood educators use their expertise to develop programs that use play as a tool for teaching math, literacy, science and essential life skills that last for life!
Making friends Early childhood educators are educated to appropriately support children to gain social skills, which are so important in making friends and developing positive relationships!
Helping hand Everyone gets stumped by parenting from time to time - juggling schedules, demands, and behaviours. When it gets tough and you need someone to talk to, reach out to your child’s early childhood educator!
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Handle with Care

Meet Our Team : Staff


Jennifer Nangreaves

Executive Director

902-368-0070    jennifer.nangreaves@ecdaofpei.ca

Jennifer Nangreaves comes to the ECDA with experience in Accredited Centres in Jasper, Alberta, the PEI Public Schools Branch, a private centre in Charlottetown, and most recently, a designated centre in rural PEI. She holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts with a Major in Sociology, a Bachelor of Education specializing in Indigenous Studies and Literacy in the Early Years, as well as a Certificate in Early Childhood Education from NBCC. Jennifer is excited to be an advocate for the sector, to join the already established and successful ECDA team, to work with the Board of Directors and stakeholders, and to meet as many ECDA members as she can while being a strong advocate for the sector.


Megan McPhee

Professional Learning Coordinator/Assistant Executive Director

902-368-1876    megan.mcphee@ecdaofpei.ca

Megan McPhee was a front line Early Childhood Educator for 11.5 years. Her passions include child-led environments, loose parts, and reflective practice. She holds a Bachelor of Arts degree with a major in Political Science and a minor in English from UPEI as well as a diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education from Holland College. She brings with her a passion for early childhood, as well as her experience as a front line educator, workshop facilitator, and instructor.


Bonnie L. Bell

Administration & Member Relations

902-368-1866    bbell@ecdaofpei.ca

Bonnie is currently working with the Early Childhood Development Association of PEI as Administration and Member Relations support to the members of the ECDA organization. She has been with the organization since 2010 and enjoys working close with all members of the Association. A graduate from Holland College, she has a diploma in Administration, Clerk Typist portfolio and has over 30 years experience working in an office environment.


Megan Drummond

Special Projects Coordinator

902-368-1017    projects@ecdaofpei.ca

Megan is a Holland College graduate of the Early Childhood Education and Care program, and has experience in project management as well as a passion for our sector and continuing to elevate PEI's ELCC system. She has worked within the field of early childhood for over 12 years.


Julian Taylor

Marketing and Communications Manager

902-940-4228    julian.taylor@ecdaofpei.ca

Julian Taylor is a marketeer, event manager and seasoned photographer in Charlottetown, PEI. Julian is here to make sure the ECDA's visions become a reality. Julian and his wife Jennifer are fortunate to have two wonderful children, Peyton Eve (4) and Lachlan Apollo (2), which both attend a fantastic Early Years Centre in Charlottetown. Julian's passions are children, families, and the communities that support them.


Sara MacDougall

Handle with Care Coordinator

902-368-1870    hwcpei@ecdaofpei.ca

Sara MacDougall holds a Bachelor of Education and a Bachelor of Science. Before taking this role, she worked with Social Programs for six years. She has three years of international teaching experience and is passionate about social and emotional well-being in children. She was introduced to Handle with Care in 2014 and has had a wealth of experience since then including being a parent participant, facilitator, mentor, and a master trainer. She was also the research coordinator for a national project from 2016-2018.


Jay Baglole (they/them)

Pyramid Model Coordinator

902-388-6260    pyramidmodel@ecdaofpei.ca

Jay has been working in the early childhood sector for 14 years. They have obtained a diploma in Early Childhood Care and Education, a diploma in Child and Youth Care and they are working towards their Bachelor of Early Childhood Education. Jay brings with them experience in facilitation, content development and a true passion for influencing the exceptional childcare practices on PEI.


Erin Smith

Pyramid Model Mentor

902-388-6266    pyramidmentor1@ecdaofpei.ca

Erin Smith has over 16 years of experience working with children of all ages, both as a frontline educator and supervisor. She has obtained post secondary certification in Child and youth work as well as Early Childhood Education and is currently working towards her bachelors of Child and Youth Work. During her practice, Erin has led with a strong emphasis on the social/emotional well-being of children, and continues to follow that passion in her position with the ECDA as a pyramid model mentor.


Annie Lougheed

Pyramid Model Mentor

902-388-6267    Pyramidmentor2@ecdaofpei.ca

Annie has been working with children and families for over 15 years. She holds a Bachelor of Education as well as ECE Level 3 Certification. Annie's variety of experience includes school age programs, centre based care and family home care for children age 1-5, teaching Elementary School as well as instructing at Holland College with the Early Childhood Education Accelerated program and introductory courses. Annie is a passionate mentor and life long learner. She is looking forward to building relationships and supporting Island educators, children and families throughout her role as Pyramid Model Mentor. Some of Annie's interests include gardening and playing outside with her partner and 2 children.